And the moving saga continues…

As you all now know I moved from Virginia to Texas earlier this month, and naturally was expecting my belongings to arrive here shortly after I did. Well, after a lot of frustration, calls to the moving company, multiple no-shows by the moving crew (my parents graciously offered to oversee the loading of the truck so my sister and I could get on the road), and finally a cancellation on my part, I’m having to find someone else to get my stuff to me! Thank goodness some friends of my sister’s graciously offered to let us stay with them while we waited for the moving truck to arrive.

I’ve spent hours these past few days researching and contacting several new companies in an attempt to get my stuff out of storage before I incur another month of costs, and get this — I happened to stumble across a blog by a fellow who recounted the whole sordid tale of his being absolutely hosed by the very same people I was going to trust with my furniture and SU! supplies (minus my stamps, which rode in the back seat of my car… EEK, can you imagine if I’d let those yahoos get their hands on my precious rubber?!) and it was posted just AFTER I had made the appointment with the movers and left for Texas!

I want so badly to stamp something, and those bins of stamps are sitting in the corner mocking me…lol


One Response

  1. Rachel –

    I’m sorry you’re having such a rough time getting your stuff here, but I just wanted to say that Texas is mighty glad to have you here! Howdy!

    Penny (pblair38 on SCS)

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